French Society of Automobive Engineers

3AF Midi-Pyrénées: the French Society of Aeronautic and Aerospace,
SEE: the French Society for Electricity, Electronics, and Information & Communication Technologies,
SIA: the French Society of Automobive Engineers.
ERTS2 is:

A well established European Congress created in 2002, held on a biennial basis,
A unique European cross sector event on Embedded Software and System,
A conference with high level scientific and technical presentations , and panel discussions,
An exhibition covering a wide range of products and services in the field of embedded software and system,
A unique platform for top-level scientists with representatives from universities, research centers, industries represented by directors, managers, department leaders, engineers and technicians, as well as journalists,
Located in the well-known city of Toulouse, in “Midi-Pyrénées” region, in the heart of the famous Aerospace Valley where the main priority is given to “Embedded Electronic Systems for Intelligent Transportation”,
Characterized by the strong involvement of the main industrial companies (OEM’s, system software services and tools suppliers, and many others) and the R&D Centers in Aeronautic, Aerospace, Automotive and Railways,
An unique community spirit: knowledge sharing, unforgettable moments and networking opportunities.
From ERTS to this ERTS2 2010 event:

A scope enlarged in two dimensions:

SYSTEM aspects will be explicitly addressed as many of topics flagged as “software” related would be better addressed with a broader system view. Embedded Systems are not limited to transports and ERTS2 2010 wants to recognize this in welcoming presentations and exhibitors coming from all the industry sectors involving Embedded Systems: Healthcare and home appliance, Energy management, Telecommunications including wireless connectivity, Industrial control, Defense.
An exhibitors forum is organized simultaneously for improving direct relationship and wide communication between providers and users of innovative commercial products and services.
In January 2008, this successful conference brought together more than 500 active participants and has established itself as the reference European event on Embedded Real Time Software issues.

Attendees appreciated the relevance of the topics covered, the high quality of the well-focused presentations on real-time and embedded technologies trends, challenges, and best practices cross-fertilization needed to maintain leadership of our industries.