Out of Pocket

I will be out of pocket for a few weeks. I am headed to an NCOES school and don’t know what internet access will be. Interestingly enough, this course is a special one designed for people fresh off deployments in BCTs. That means I get to stay in a hotel and eat on the economy instead of staying in Basic Training like billets. I also get Per Diem! Woo Hoo! LOL

Off and Running Again
15:52 Sunday, April 27, 2008
I made it home Friday night. After a couple of weeks of 12 hour days, needles, trauma lanes, and applied tourniquets, I am a little battered but the better for it. Although ours was a shortened version of the course designed for soldiers fresh off deployment, all the good stuff was there. I got lots of great new information on medical equipment and training, as well as lots of practice on using it. Combat Medic training doesn’t pull punches. Yes, we use dummies and lots of fake blood, but every IV is placed on fellow soldiers, Tourniquets are applied for real on classmates, and we play for real. The culmination being a series of “lanes” where we have to treat patients under duress and combat simulation. The only things we “missed out” on were classes on stuff we already knew from having used it daily in Iraq.

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A Wonderful Surprise
20:10 Friday, April 18, 2008
So I have been in class all week and we are getting ready to move to our new class location. Its been a rather uneventful week, at least until today. I had gotten back from class and was down the street at a laundromat when I received a call from my wife.


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How True
20:47 Sunday, April 13, 2008

I discovered a new little web comic today: Delta Bravo Sierra.
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No Wonder He Has That Grin!
18:25 Friday, April 11, 2008
Too Funny! It certainly looks like a naked woman, but really, c’mon! It did make me break out in a laugh though.

This two-picture combination photo provided by the White House shows Vice President Cheney, and a close-up of his sunglasses during a fishing trip on the Snake River in Idaho. That is not a naked woman reflected in Vice President Dick Cheney’s sunglasses. Although it kind of appears to be. It you blow up the picture, you can see it is Cheney’s hand gripping the handle of a fishing rod. The picture was posted on the White House Web site as one in a series of photos of Cheney outdoors. It created a buzz on the Internet on Friday and some cable television shows. (AP Photo/White House, David Bohrer)
– boston.com

P.S. I know I am a bit late, but I am kinda busy during the day.. smile

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The New Crutch
17:48 Saturday, April 05, 2008
The other day I had to go to the hospital to check on a soldier. He had gotten in a serious accident related to his drinking, driving, then wrapping his car around a tree at a high rate of speed. When I saw him, he was in relatively serious condition with a spinal fracture and a long road of therapy ahead. He is now unsure about his future, but it probably involves some UCMJ, jail time, and possibly a less the honorable discharge. I spoke to his parents afterward as they were concerned about his treatment and they brought up that he had been complaining of PTSD symptoms. The thing is this particular soldier had never left the FOB, and our FOB never had a rocket or mortar land close to populated areas. His job didn’t even require him to leave the TOC.


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Aid Bags
20:09 Thursday, April 03, 2008
I spent my tour in Iraq with a STOMP II Aid Bag. This is a very nice and large Aid Bag. However, there are several problems with it in my eyes that made it a less than perfect bag. First of all, I am not a fan of the “one big pouch” design. Granted inside the big center pouch is some zippered pouches and the large outside pouch has loops and zippered pouches, its just not configurable enough for me. Secondly, its a big square without any real internal frame. It has a soft padded foam back, and the straps are not big enough to shoulder the bag comfortably over an IBA. My Aid Bag generally weighed about 60 -70 pounds. I carried everything but the kitchen sink on my back, whether the particular mission called for it or not. Sometimes I could get away with leaving it in the hummer while I carried a smaller homemade “leg rig” I designed from a SAW pouch and a couple of utility pouches. The thing is the STOMP II ended up making my back ache terribly after a short time since the frame was soft and the bag didn’t sit right on my back due to the frame and straps.


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New Theme
22:28 Tuesday, April 01, 2008
As I am sure you have noticed, the theme has changed. Everything should work, including the new Portal Page. The RSS Feed has moved though so the new link is here. It shouldn’t change again, which is why I moved its location now. The old link will still work until I dump the old template set.


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BSG Season 4 and Another Reason Deployment Sucks
13:08 Saturday, March 29, 2008
I have been a Battlestar Galactica fan since the beginning, much to my wife’s shagrin. I even own all of the DVDs through season 2.5. I bought them while in Iraq and was looking forward to catching up with season 3 before I came home. Alas those DVDs have just been released in the US, a week before the final season! I caught a couple of “behind the scenes” shows for BSG last night and now I am chomping at the bit to catch up on season 3. I missed the entire season while deployed and there are a lot of important plot points I need to catch up to follow the storyline. It wasn’t until last night that I even found out about the “5 Cylons” that have been hidden and the “final cylon” to be revealed! The best show on TV and I am going to have to try to play catch up after I can afford to get the season 3 DVDs off Amazon!

Ugh, such a geeky thing to be writing about!

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On Popularity, Readership, Publishing, and Big Brother
19:35 Thursday, March 27, 2008
Personal • Perspective
Since my return from Iraq, my posting has sort of tanked into the black hole of nothingness. It seems my readership has as well. Things just aren’t as interesting in the good ol’ US of A as they are on the “front lines.”

I would love for my blog to become one of those milblogs that has a large daily readership and active discussions and forums. The site is ready to go for that never-coming day. I would love to discuss the interesting points in my life; military, EMS, or otherwise, and have a general readership that interacts. It would be nice if I had “guest posters” and the perspectives of others on this site as well, although this place is more of a real-time memoir for me. Heck, I would just like to have a readership large enough to cover the costs of my web hosting (which my ability to pay for this time is questionable).