Moderator: Jean-Luc Maté – Continental Engineering Services, France

How we can start to manage efficiently electrical energy in Europe thanks to
the smart grid architecture concept approach. How this complex network of
connected energy source will include intelligent electrical meters and virtual
power plant as your own electric car in the city.
Embedded system and software will control those ubiquitous networks.
This panel will deliver the position from head of energy providers, private research
of large industry player including electric car OEM and innovative european SME
preparing intelligent meters and charging station.

11:45 – Session 8A Requirements Management
13:00 Chairperson: Patrick Cormery – Astrium Space Transportation, France

11:45 – 8A-1 A RIF/SysML Profile Example – Requirements Exchange and Roundtrip
12:10 Olivier Casse, Manuel Reis Monteiro – Atego, United Kingdom

12:10 – 8A-2 Requirement management from System modeling to
12:35 AUTOSAR SW Components
Arnaud Albinet, Bernard Sanchez – Continental Automotive, France
Loïc Quéran – Geensoft, France
Yann Tanguy – CEA – LIST, France

12:35 – 8A-3 Topcased Requirement: a Model Driven, Open-Source and Generic
13:00 Solution to Manage Requirement Traceability
Raphaël Faudou, Tristan Faure – ATOS ORIGIN INTEGRATION, France
Sébastien Gabel, Christophe Mertz – CS Systèmes d’Information, France

11:45 – Session 8B Migration to Multi-Core
13:00 Chairperson: Denis Claraz – Continental, France

11:45 – 8B-1 Predictability Considerations in the Design of Multi-Core Embedded
12:10 Systems
Claire Burguiere, Daniel Grund, Jan Reineke, Reinhard Wilhelm –
Saarland University, Germany
Christoph Cullmann, Christian Ferdinand, Gernot Gebhard – AbsInt, Germany
Benoit Triquet – EADS Airbus, France

12:10 – 8B-2 Multicore Scheduling in Automotive ECUs
12:35 Aurélien Monot, Bernard Bavoux – PSA Peugeot Citroën, France
Françoise Simonot – INRIA-Nancy Université, France
Nicolas Navet – RealTime-At-Work, France

12:35 – 8B-3 Partly Proportionate Fair MultiprocessorScheduling of Heterogeneous
13:00 Task Systems
Michael Deubzer, Jürgen Motto – University of Applied Sciences Regensburg,
Ulrich Margull – 1 mal 1 Software, Germany
Michael Niemetz, Gerhard Wirrer – Continental Automotive, Germany

11:45 – Session 8C Java for Safety-Critical Systems
13:00 Chairperson: Agusti Canals – Communication et Systems, France

11:45 – 8C-1 Towards Certification of Java Applications for Safety Critical Projects
12:10 Andy Walter – Aicas, Germany

12:10 – 8C-2 Use of PERC Pico for Safety Critical Java
12:35 Marc Richard-Foy, Ludovic Gauthier – Aonix, France
Tobias Schoofs – SkySoft Portugal, Portugal
Eric Jenn – Thales, France
Kelvin Nilsen – Aonix, United States

12:35 – 8C-3 Dynamic Memory Management in High-Integrity Java Systems
13:00 Kelvin Nilsen – Aonix, United States


14:00 – Session 9A Programme Formal Verification
15:40 Chairperson: Philippe Beaufreton – Sagem Défense Sécurité, France

14:00 – 9A-1 Formal Verification of SAM State Machine Implementation
14:25 Stephane Duprat, Victoria Moya Lamiel, Frédéric Passarello –
Atos Origin, France
Pierre Gaufillet – Airbus Operations, France

14:25 – 9A-2 Partial Order application for Formal Software Verification
14:50 Xavier Dumas, Eric Bonnafous – CS-SI, France
Frédéric Boniol – IRIT-ONERA, France
Philippe Dhaussy – ENSIETA, France

14:50 – 9A-3 Astrée: Proving the Absence of Runtime Errors
15:15 Daniel Kästner, Stefana Nenova, Stephan Wilhelm – AbsInt GmbH,
Patrick Cousot, Radhia Cousot, Jérôme Feret, Laurent Mauborgne,
Antoine Miné, Xavier Rival – Ecole Normale Supérieure, France

15:15 – 9A-4 Tokeneer: Beyond Formal ProgramVerification
15:40 Yannick Moy – AdaCore, France
Angela Wallenburg – Praxis, United Kingdom

14:00 – Session 9B Testing
15:40 Chairperson: Zoubir Mammeri – IRIT-UPS, France

14:00 – 9B-1 Matlab/Simulink Functional Tests with STB/AGATHA Tool
14:25 Jean-Yves Pierron, Jean-Pierre Gallois, Arnault Lapitre – CEA LIST,
Thierry Gueguen, Samuel Devulder – Geensys, France
Pascal Le Corre – Johnson-Controls, France

14:25 – 9B-2 UML for Validation: Experimenting Automatic Test Generation
14:50 for Flight Software Validation
Philippe Hyounet, Jeremie Pouly – Astrium, France

14:50 – 9B-3 How to Reduce Qualification Time for New Safety Automated
15:15 Systems on Rail Infrastructure
Claire Gueguan – RATP, France
Franck Corbier – Geensys, France
Vincent Bregeon – CSSI, France

15:15 – 9B-4 Object and Source Coverage for Critical Applications with the
15:40 COUVERTURE Open Analysis Framework
Matteo Bordin, Cyrille Comar, Tristan Gingold, Jérôme Guitton,
Olivier Hainque, Thomas Quinot – AdaCore, France

14:00 – Session 9C Software Architectures
15:40 Chairperson: Steve Miller – Rockwell-Collins, USA

14:00 – 9C-1 Augmenting Software Architectures with Physical Components
14:25 Ajinkya Bhave, David Garlan, Bruce Krogh, Akshay Rajhans,
Bradley Schmerl – Carnegie Mellon University, United States

14:25 – 9C-2 Modeling and Validation of ARINC653 Architectures
14:50 Julien Delange, Laurent Pautet – TELECOM ParisTech, France
Fabrice Kordon – LIP6, France

14:50 – 9C-3 Binary Replacement Technique for Application Programming
15:15 Interface Level Simulation
Junghee Lee, Jongman Kim – Georgia Institute of Technology,
United States
Denis Paterson, ScottO’Neill – Synopsys, United Kingdom
Hongchul Kim, Sangjun Nam – Samsung Electronics, Korea

15:15 – 9C-4 Faster, Later, Softer: COrDeT, a Reference On-Board Software Architecture
15:40 for Spacecrafts (paper non available)
Jean-Loup Terraillon, Andreas Jung – European Space Agency, Netherlands

14:00 – Session 9D Engineering Frameworks 2
15:40 Chairperson: François Terrier – CEA List, France

14:00 – 9D-1 How the Concepts of the Automotive Standard «AUTOSAR»
14:25 Are Realized in New Seamless Tool- Chains
Stefan Voget – Continental Engineering Services, Germany
Philippe Favrais – Continental Automotive, France

14:25 – 9D-2 Integrating the AUTOSAR Tool Chain with Eclipse Based Model
14:50 Transformations
Andreas Graf, Markus Voelter – Itemis, Germany

14:50 – 9D-3 A Component-Based Framework for Space Domain Software
15:15 Applications
Thomas Vergnaud – Thales Communications, France
Mathieu Le Coroller, Guillaume Véran – Thales Alenia Space, France

15:15 – 9D-4 Advanced modeling with a Symbolic based approach, Application to
15:40 the modeling, control design and real-time control and HIL Simulation of
a Quadrotor Helicopter
Nicolas Gachadoit, Benoit Vidalie – Maplesoft, France
El Hadri, A. Benallegue – LISV, France
A. Seba – ISEP, France

15:40 – Closing Session
16:00 Gérard Ladier – Congress Co Chairman
Jean Luc Maté – Congress Co Chairman
Jean-Claude Laprie – Programme Committee Chairman